Designing in the Open

A few friends of mine have recently asked me why I have not taken the time to design my blog. I am a web designer after all … right? Whenever I am asked that I point them back to my original post: Get Off Your Butt (PT 1).

For years now I have been wanting to blog so that I can do my best at giving back to the community just as so many countless others have done for me. The problem was I could never find the time to design it, so I always made that my excuse for never doing it. This crushed me and so a few weeks back I did something about it. I went to and in the matter of 10 minutes I had a blog (Thanks to the Automattic team for being so awesome)!

Even though I have gotten into the habit of blogging, it does feel weird to be writing on a website that is not truly my own. Also, one thing that I have been applying to my workflow is designing inside the browser which is what inspired me to write Own Your Canvas: Learning to Design for the Web. The only problem with that is that it is really only big picture thinking and does nothing to really talk about how that is practically worked out. Not only that, I actually don’t think this workflow has really been fully laid out in great detail (more then a single blog post) by anyone.

With those things in mind I have decided to do something about it. I am committing myself to redesigning my blog, but even more then that, I plan to design in the open.

This means:

  1. As soon as I start I will open up a public GIT repo.
  2. I will commit my work along the way so you have access to the code.
  3. I will give everyone access to the URL i will be working with so that they can see the progress.
  4. I will be creating webcasts along the way to show my progress and show how I am going about designing in the browser.
  5. I will blog about my journey along the way.

By doing this I hope to show how one can approach designing in the browser. I don’t expect it the be all way of doing it, but my hope is that you could capture the principles and then make the workflow your own.

This should be fun! Stay tuned!

Create. Stop. Be Creative.


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