Learning to Follow

Some of the most valuable advice that I have ever been given is that if I want to lead, I must first learn to follow. I think that applies to all aspects of life, but today I want to highlight a few agencies / individuals (both recent and past) that I have been following due to my enormous respect for their work:

  1. Focus Lab / Design
  2. Elegant Seagulls / Design
  3. Pixel Peach / Design
  4. The X-Team / Development
  5. Chris Coyier / Development
  6. Allan Peters / Design
  7. Green Chameleon / Design
  8. Haraldur Thorleifsson / Development

Are you following anyone? I would love to know! Post it in the comments so everyone can check it out.

Create. Stop. Be Creative.


  1. Joshua Wall · February 26, 2015

    Hey thanks for taking time to list some of these guys! Learning to be a good follower is a good lesson indeed. I unofficially follow, stalk, keep an eye on agencies with good work also.


    • createstopbecreative · February 26, 2015

      Hey Joshua – that’s awesome! Are there any specific companies or individuals you follow?


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